Our goal is offer top quality show wethers, foundation and show does that have style, balance, muscle, skeletal width and correctness.

Our herdsires are fullblood boers registered with the American Boer Goat Association and are DNA tested.

 MCR AABG NBD GOOD AS GOLD carries lots of style and width. His sire is AABG NBD R U GETTIN IT whose genetics include AABG NBD BLURRED VISION *Ennobled* and HBS ABSOLUTE *Ennobled*. MCR AABG NBD GOOD AS GOLD'S dam is 2DOX GUMDROP whose genetics include NK RIMFIRE *Ennobled* and AABG NBD GREY GOOSE *Ennobled*. All serious show wether and doe kid genetics. MCR AABG NBD GOOD AS GOLD's kids stand-out showing lots of width, stoutness and beautiful toplines!

BGR BLUE GAINEY'S / ASH STYMIE has length, a beautiful classic boer head, rock hard muscles,  clean front, and has a top shape that is outstanding. He throws competitive wethers and show does, as well as productive fullblood does.  BGR BLUE GAINEY'S /ASH STYMIE'S sire is  NEWTON FARMS THE FACTS ARE BLURRED whose genetics include AABG NBD BLURRED VISION "Ennobled".  BGR BLUE GAINEY'S / ASH STYMIE'S dam, BLUE GAINEY'S HARMONY IN RED, has won in show ring herself; she has color genetics in her background!  

We have been in the fullblood boer goat business since 1995,

The kids are born in May and June. They are prime for the January, February and March show season. All kids are vaccinated for CDT. Doe kids are also vaccinated for CL. The buck kids are wethered and dehorned.

We begin selling the show wethers and doe kids  in late July, right after an ABGA Judge sifts and ranks the wethers and doe kids for show quality. Buyers get the Judge's ranking written on paper when they come to choose their animals.

We also sell foundation does year round that are ready to add to your breeding stock.  These does are right out of our "keeper pens" and are what we call "front pasture" perfect.  


Show Wethers and Fullblood Doe Kids

            Foundation Does

(The does sell with their Certificates of Registration with the American Boer Goat Association as fullblood boer goats.)


George and Betty Smith
Pleasant Valley Goat Ranch

446 Hwy 46 East
Boerne, Texas 78006